About me…..

Teri Polley MA, RN, LMT, HHP

Specializes in oncology, stress management, clients with complicated medical histories, and overall wellness and relaxation.

CMT Cert #8217

Massage Therapy


  Sharing my talents and being of service brings me joy.

   I share that joy through massage, nursing, Reiki energy work, Healing touch, pet therapy, volunteering at Brother Bennos through the Girlfriends Care Organization, and North County Cancer Fitness.
   I started on my healing journey over 39 years ago when I graduated from nursing school.  I went on to learn about holistic healing from the American Holistic Nurses Association.  Massage therapy became my passion in the 1990's and I have been dually licensed, certified, and providing massage therapy since.  I combine my high tech knowledge with my hands on techniques to provide an environment where my clients can realize they have the potential to heal themselves.  I hold a certification in Oncology Massage and have a Master of Arts Degree in Somatic Studies.  I am accredited to teach "MASSAGE THERAPY FOR PEOPLE LIVING WITH CANCER" by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. I guest teach at several massage schools in San Diego County and privately.  I have been blessed to be the recipient of 2 research grants in the past, one to evaluate the Use of massage therapy on patients living with cancer and  a Oncology caregiver massage study.